"The colors are unreal, and the best part about it is knowing that I'm watching it how IT'S MEANT TO BE VIEWED and that it's accurate!" 

"What a great, patient guy. He spent six hours tweaking my new set to perform the best that it could do...and he succeeded!"

"His work is incredible and I'm convinced he is a robot. He did not stop until he was completely satisfied with the result...and what a result! WOW! All these years I thought HD & DVDs looked good on my set...NOW ITS AMAZING!"

"It was a pleasure to have Chad at our home and to converse with him on a number of technical subjects. If I had his training and experience (and his test equipment), I doubt that I could have done any better of a job; and, considering the perfectionist I am, that's saying something."

"After he finished his calibration I wonder why I didn't do this sooner."

10. You're convinced chronic sunburn is Hollywood's new look
9. Football fields have a neon glow
8. "You just put the microphone on the coffee table and press this button, and it adjusts your room acoustics perfectly!"
7. Your wife would rather watch it on her phone
6. "If it takes more than 60 minutes to perfectly calibrate your TV, something's wrong!"
5. Your subwoofers make more "thunderous bass" during Sports Center than during your favorite action movie
4. "You play this DVD and adjust the controls like it says, and you're gettin' it 90% as good!"
3. Your TV makes dark things look like big blobs of tar
2. Your family is happier with the TV's speakers than the big surround system
1. "Meter? What meter!?! We don't need no stinkin' meter!"​

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