Treat your ears

  • Advanced Audio Calibration $600
  • Basic Audio Setup $200 (with display calibration only) 

For most systems including Dirac, ARC Genesis, MCACC, YAPO, Audyssey (including Audyssey Pro on legacy models), Mini DSP, Trinnov, and others, the Advanced Audio Calibration utilizes the equalization and bass management capabilities included in most late model receivers or processors to give a startling improvement over non tweaked, automatic routines.  REW, along with microphones individually calibrated by Cross Spectrum Labs, are used to measure and analyze each speaker. Multiple listener locations can be spatially averaged.  The system will be equalized to a "house curve", with a specific high frequency rolloff and / or a slightly elevated bass; and this can be modified to suit individual preferences.

  • Optimize and check system wiring, source settings and speaker placement
  • Optimize bass management, delay times, phase and other controls on your receiver or processor and subwoofer(s)
  • Measure spatially averaged (multi-point) frequency response of each speaker, including sub(s) and surrounds, and adjust any equalization capabilities in the receiver, pre/pro, or any add on equalizers

When you just want to know the basics are done right, the Basic Audio Setup will get things on the right track.

  • Optimize and check system wiring, source settings, phase, and simple speaker placement correction
  • Run receiver's auto setup (including Audyssey, MCACC, YAPO, and others) and make tweaks by ear or SPL meter as needed
  • Set channel delays and levels if not done correctly in the automated setup

Average time is 3-7 hours for Advanced Audio Calibration, or 1-2 hours for the Basic Audio Setup.