Sunday, November 29, 2015
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Top Ten reasons to schedule an A/V calibration with Chad B...


10. Your TV makes everybody look like they forgot their sunblock before heading to the beach

9. Football fields have a neon green glow

8. "You just put the microphone on the coffeetable and press this button, and it adjusts your room acoustics perfectly!"

7. Your wife would rather watch the 13" portable in the kitchen

6. "If it takes more than 60 minutes to perfectly calibrate your TV, something's wrong!"

5. Your subwoofers seem to be making more "thunderous bass" during Sports Center than during the action movie you demoed last night

4. "You play this disk and adjust the controls like it says, and you're gettin' it 80% as good!"

3. Your TV's dark images look like they're sinking into big blobs of tar

2. Your family is happier with the TV's speakers than the big surround system

1. "Meter? What meter!?! We don't need no stinkin' meter!"